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Official League Lone Star Legacy Hat

$30.00 USD

Back in the days of the Old West, wearing a black hat meant that you were bad.

But now, when folks see you sporting this brand new Lone Star cap, they’ll say that 
you look “baaaad!”

Crafted with pride by the fine cowpokes at the Official League, this jet black cap is chock full of Railroader goodness with Gandy and Spike gracing the sides, along with the Lone Star’s unique black and white lettering on the front, spiked with a scarlet shooting star.
It’s a hat you’ll want to wear all of the time, not just on summer Sundays!

But don’t drag your feet on this one and get yours right quick, ‘cause they’ll be gone faster ’n a jackrabbit in an F-16!”
Hat is 100% Cotton
Only 100 created